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  • January 20, 2015

After years of justifying that my well thread all season radials were good enough for the winter roads, I finally decided to invest in a set of winter tires this year.

For the money, it was a wise move and it made a world of difference in my driving experience.

When you consider that winter tires lengthen the use of our summer tires, the cost difference is not that great.  A combination of snows and summers should last about 4 years on average vs just summer/all weathers with same mileage, about 2 years.

The majority of Ontario drivers understand the importance of snow tires for safer driving, but only about half actually install them on their own vehicles, according to a recent survey commissioned by Centennial College’s School of Transportation.

Among just over 800 Ontario drivers surveyed online, 79% said that snow tires create a safer winter driving experience, with 87% also understanding that all-wheel drive vehicles also require the special tires.

Still, only 53% of drivers in the province actually install snow tires, the survey suggests.

A slightly higher percentage of women install the tires (55% compared with 52% of men). That’s despite a higher percentage of women (47%) than men (28%) saying they get nervous and stressed about winter driving.

Forty percent of men also say they are confident in their winter driving skills, compared with only 16% of women surveyed.

Overall, 44% of drivers between 18 and 34 say winter driving makes them stressed, compared with only 31% for those 55 and older.

“The vast majority of Ontario drivers know they should use winter tires but only half do so,” Stephen Leroux, a Centennial College automotive professor commented in a statement on the survey results. “This truly is a conundrum for all road users.”

Several Ontario insurance companies now give discounts of up to 10%, if your car is equipped with winter tires from November – April of each year. Isn’t that another good reason to get them installed?

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  • Tish says:

    I just got winter tires too. Such a world of different. also I learnt not to mix different types of tires as they have different threading.

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