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Life Insurance is like fun - the older you get, the more it costs - and the harder it is to get.

You don't buy Life Insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.

Death comes everyday to someone and someday to everyone.

One of 2 things is certain; you'll live or die. If you live you'll need money; if you die, your family will.

Plan for life as though you will live forever. Plan for death as though it will come tomorrow.

Small Enough To Care.

Big Enough To Offer You Real Choice.

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Keeping You Covered

When The Unexpected Happens.

I am Sherene Cole, an experienced insurance professional in Ontario since 1989. As an independent contractor/Co-Broker with the Axion Insurance Services Inc. family, I promise to provide you with Great Service, Integrity, Trust and Good Ethics.

In 1990, Axion Insurance opened its doors at 95 Mural Street in Richmond Hill. Since then, our family has grown to include numerous affiliate offices in communities across Ontario, and I am proud to be the owner of one of those offices. Over the years, thousands of clients have come to trust and rely on the Axion group for all their insurance needs.

Why choose Sherene as your personal insurance broker?

As a friendly, flexible, knowledgeable, reliable and accessible insurance professional, I help you insure what you can’t afford to lose.

When buying insurance, there are choices to make and I believe an educated consumer is empowered to make the best choices.

When you call, you are not a number or a flashing light in a call centre queue; you are my primary concern. My goal is to ensure you are:

  • Properly educated about your insurance options and responsibilities
  • Offered the best possible insurance coverage at the most competitive price we can find within the markets we represent
  • Supported throughout the claims process
  • Treated with respect and confidentiality when you call with questions and concerns

Independence has its benefits.
Unlike agents or direct writers or those working in off-shore call centers, brokers are not employed by the company settling your claim. We are your advocates. Our job is to keep you as a satisfied customer over a long period of time. I promise to consistently provide you with expert advise you can trust, and I will be on your side when it matters most. 

Here for the long term.
Not just us, but you too! Our clients choose to stay with us for the long term. Although mostly due to our outstanding team and how they look after you, it also helps that Axion has chosen to partner with many of Canada’s leading insurance companies in order to offer you real choice. In turn, all of these companies only make their products available through an insurance broker, understanding the value that only impartial advice can deliver.

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