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Life Insurance is like fun - the older you get, the more it costs - and the harder it is to get.

You don't buy Life Insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.

Death comes everyday to someone and someday to everyone.

One of 2 things is certain; you'll live or die. If you live you'll need money; if you die, your family will.

Plan for life as though you will live forever. Plan for death as though it will come tomorrow.

Small Enough To Care.

Big Enough To Offer You Real Choice.

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Keeping You Covered

When The Unexpected Happens.

What Our Customers Had To Say

"Which other insurance broker would hand deliver a requested document at your door at 6:30am in the morning?"

− Vern Kelly, Mississauga, ON

"I was involved in an accident just 2 days after I took out my new policy with Sherene. I was very nervous when I called, but she exercised such professionalism and calmed me down, and my claim was paid with no issues.”
Sherene, I am very satisfied with your service and will certainly recommend you to friends and family for their insurance needs. I also appreciate your ability to respond quickly and consistently to different modes of communication.” "

− Kanwar Shergill, Brampton, ON

"Peace of mind, the most important thing a broker can offer; being there when you need them......Priceless!... these two things are what we get from Sherene..Excellent service is always just a phone call away, even at 5am in the morning when I was involved in an accident far away from home."

− Angella & Vassel Gregory, London, Ontario

"I recently purchased a life insurance product from Sherene. I wasn’t sure if it would be approved as applied for, but having disclosed all the facts, I got my policy without any amendments, and without lengthy delays. Sherene is very personable and professional"

− HSC, Lawyer, Brampton, ON

"Friendly, flexible, knowledgable and accessible. She attends appointments in the comfort of my own home, and she’s even available on weekends too. Sherene even remembers my birthday! Need I say more?"

− Paulette Lewis, Realtor, Toronto, ON

"Sherene takes a keen interest in the success of my small business. She visits the site frequently, gives me tips and hand delivers all my business documents. She picks up the phone when I call her, even if it’s late evening, and she identifies me by my voice right away."

− Sheikh Hamedan, Tropical Joe’s Restaurant, Etobicoke, ON

"Axion-Cole Insurance is the hardest working and the best insurance broker I have ever dealt with. Sherene is a master in customer service; going above and beyond to ensure her clients are in the know and paying the most reasonable rates. She currently provides my home insurance needs. She is there to answer any questions I have and she reminds me when my policy is up for renewal. Sherene explains changes and help me make an informed decision and acts as my liaison. I feel secure and stress free knowing that Axion-Cole is working for me. Kudos Sherene! Big companies can learn a lot from you about how to make their customers feel special."

− Ingrid Williams, Etobicoke, ON

"Sherene takes care of our insurance needs not only for home, but also for business. She is knowledgabe, thorough and we trust her to look out for our best interest. We feel well protected with Sherene as our insurance broker."

− Dr. Thao Bui & Dr. Andre Rodriques, Mississauga, ON

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